March 12, 2017

Sex Position: Done the Eiffel Tower? CIA Spywear, Plus Ciara, Lorde, Atomic Blonde, Thor, Wonder Woman, Buffy Turns 20

Episode 64! We want to know: Ever done the Eiffel Tower position? SHOUTOUTS: Christian at Sweat Garage. TV One: The Game of Dating. UP FRONT: Joseph Nicollsi, founder of "ex-gay therapy" dies. Hurrah! TheCIA can spy through your TV and other devices. Statue of Pharaoh Ramses III unearthed. CELEBRITY SHADE: Ciara in car accident. Little Mermaid trailer with Shirley McClaine? Gay Beauty and Beast Character. Nikki Minaj responds to Remy Ma. Get Out Samuel L. Jackson. Lorde has a new album and people have many emotions. NERD NEWS: Thor gets a haircut. Atomic Blonde trailer released. Buffy turns 20. New Wonder Woman trailer. Who do we hate, who do we love? RichyRich: Nightclub security, Johnny Depp's peacock. Wes: Oblivious people, Get Out


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