May 15, 2017

Public Sex Stories! Richard Simmons, Caitlyn Jenner, OUAT, Partly LuPone v Madonna, Steve Harvey, Abbey Lee Miller, Bow Wow Challenge

Episode 72! Public Sex Stories! Shouts: Twitter: Victor @jlovesv2. Dave @daveteouble from Below Deck. UP FRONT: Little boys wearing makeup. CELEBRITY SHADE: Richard Simmons suing National Enquirer. Caitlyn Jenner book launch. Once Upon A Time renewed with nearly zero original cast members. Patty LuPone says Madonna sucks. Steve Harvey sucks. #BowWowChallenge. Abbey Lee Miller sentenced to prison in fraud case. Nicole Kidman isn't here for Gida's cooking. NERD NEWS: Wonder Woman promotes "Think Thin" and fans lose their shit. Hate/Love? Wes: People aggressively handing crap out on the street/Hollywood. RR: Black on black racists/Chelsea Handler.


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