June 26, 2017

Lube v Spit! X-Men, Wonder Woman, Carrie Fisher, Bill Cosby, Prince Harry, Dazzler

Episode 78! This week we want to know if you use spit or lube! Shoutout: Twitter @Half_Otter. UP FRONT: Grizzly bear no longer "endangered." CELEBRITY SHADE: Milan Christopher full frontal in Paper. NASA v GOOP. Carrie Fisher. Bill Cosby town halls. The End of the Royal Monarchy? Prince Harry says nobody wants the crown. Meanwhile THE QUEEN vows to protect LGBT people. Daniel Day Lewis quits acting. George Clooney sells tequila business for $1 billion. NERD NEWS: Dazzler to appear in X-Men Dark Phoenix Saga. Wonder Woman breaks box office records for highest-grossing live action film directed by a woman. Hate/Love: RR: Bitches without common sense/Claws and Janet Mock. W: People who tell me how to drive/Ruby the dog w only 2 legs.


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