October 16, 2016

F*ckboy or Responsible? Plus Ken Bone, Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, Andy Cohen, RuPaul, Wonder Woman

Episode 46! We want to know, What does it mean when someone has A LOT of condoms in their drawer, are they a fuckboy or being responsible? Topics: Ken Bone gives debate energy. Deputy Diggs in Formation. Wells Fargo CEO retires after $42 million claw back. Miley Cyrus is pansexual. Andy Cohen tweets. Winnie the Poo is 90. Selena Gomez rehab. Rose McGowan. Kevin Hart is an asshole. RuPaul spoils their own ending. Alaska spills the Tee. Finding Prince Charming season 2. Samsung Galaxy 7 recall. Google phone released! Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins: "Wonder Woman’s not a dark character, I want to tell a very positive story. I feel like for years everything was leaning harder and darker. There was an expectation that Wonder Woman needed to be tougher or harder, too. But for me, the final victory is if she remains warm and loving." Jenkins goes on to say that before she started filming, she consulted with Lynda Carter for advice. Aquaman movie update. Halloween: One movie that scared you most?

Next week: The two gayest mainstream horror films.

Hate: Wes - Uber and Lyft busy time charges. RichyRich - Rude people!

Love: Wes - Halloween!!! RichyRich - #RejectedLadyGagaOutfits

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