November 20, 2016

Ever Tried Fisting?!? Plus Gwen Ifill RIP. Making A Murderer, Shelley Duvall, Fifth Harmony, Jackie Chan, Britney, Carrie Fisher/Harrison Ford, Ricky Martin, Duck Dynasty, Mariah Carey, Tyson Beckford

Episode 51! This week we want to know: Have you ever tried fisting? Plus Gwen Ifill RIP. Brendon Dassey released. Beans, greens, tomatoes, potatoes, chicken, turkey, YOU NAME IT! Thanksgiving meme. Mannequin challenge.

Celeb Shade: Shia LaBeleouf says he regrets criticizing Stephen Spielberg. Shelley Duvall on Dr. Phil. Lauren 5th Harmony bi-sexual. Jackie Chan Oscar award. Fight like a Brenda. Slumber Party. Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford. Ricky Martin and bf engaged. Jonathan Knight and his bf engaged! Duck Dynasty canceled. Mariah Carey "special event" docuseries reality show. Tyson Beckford guns.

Hate: RichyRich-Little People Haters. Wes-White People. RichyRich-People who try to hold you back.

Love: RichyRich-Positive people. Wes-Levonia Jenkins Facebook live concert to heal America. RichyRich-Friends.


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