May 28, 2017

Doing Your Doppelgänger: Hot or Not? Star Wars, Wonder Woman, Katy Perry, Jessica Simpson, Dirty Dancing, Justice League, Bachelorette

Episode 74! We want to know: is making out with your doppelgänger hot or not? Shoutouts: Twitter @PupCrash. UP FRONT: Explosion at Arianna Grande concert. Roger Moore dies. CELEBRITY SHADE: Katy Perry and Migos are homophobic assholes and can fuck right off. Mary J. Bridge breaks up fight between Kate Moss and Cannes party goer. Dani Mathers. Jessica Simpson on Ellen. The Bachelorette premiere. Dirty Dancing remake sucked. NERD NEWS: Star Wars Vanity Fair cover. Silver Sable and Black Cat movie finds director. Justice League director on hiatus due to daughter's suicide. Joss Whedon takes the helm to do reshoots. WONDER WOMAN premiere and more! Hate/Love? W: Notary services/Hero Hotline RR: Deplorables/City of West Hollywood


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