February 26, 2017

Deal Breakers! Justin Trudeau, Caitlyn Jenner, Beyoncé, Remy Ma, Nikki Mina, Oscars, Meryl Streep

Episode 62! We want to know: What's Your Deal-Breaker? Would you not have sex with someone because of: Politics. Hygiene. PnP. Watching TV during. Smoker. Sports rivalry. Drag. Britney hater. UP FRONT: 7 Earth-like planets discovered. Justin Trudeau's bubble butt sends thirsty internet into frenzy. CELEBRITY SHADE: The Oscars, who fucking cares? Caitlyn Jenner is a tranny mess. Beyoncé ruins Coachella. Cash me outside girl gets another 15 minutes. Remy Ma v Nikki Minaj. Karl Lagerfeld v Meryl Streep. Who Do We Hate, Who Do We Love? Wes: Everyone at the DMV. My kitty. RichyRich: Downers. The Homeless.


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