March 26, 2017

Butts and Packages! Drag Race, Pretty Little Liars, Katy Perry, DWTS, Dave Chapel, Chris Evans, Iron Fist, Justice League

Episode 66! We want to know, do you like more: bubble butts or big dicks? UP FRONT: Tipping is racist. CELEBRITY SHADE: Drag Race prem. Pretty Little Liars. Katy Perry tried to pray the gay away. Gwyneth Paltrow publishes sodomy guide on goop. Missing Richard Simmons podcast ends after 6 eps. DWTS pussy grab. Wyclef Jean mistakenly arrested. People waited up all night for Dave Chapel specials. That were PST not EST. Meanwhile Chapel says Key and Peele are "doing a format I created." STFU Dave! Nia Long Empire feud. NERD NEWS: Jenny Slate dishes Chris Evans breakup. Iron First isn't that bad. Power Rangers no.2 movie. Justice League Trailer. Who do we hate, who do we love? Wes: Dogs without leashes, undercover workouts. RichyRich: Talking in the morning, POWER RANGERS!


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