July 2, 2017

Ass or Abs? Plus Jay-Z, Young Han Solo, Britney, Kelly Osbourne, Supergirl, Valerian, Wonder Woman

Episode 79! We want to know what you're more attracted to: ass or abs? Shoutout: Lynn Stodden, @T_Bizzle. UP FRONT: YouTube Prank Ends in Shooting Death. CELEBRITY SHADE: Jeremy Meeks dates up. Lucian Pian now works at a smoke shop. Kelly Osbourne pisses self, blames Starbucks. Jay Z Tidal exclusive kinda backfires? Britney sings?! NERD NEWS: iPhone is 10 Years Old. Cyborg Superman hates being on Supergirl. Young Han Solo director replaced. Valerian embargo lifted and reviews are super amazing. Inhumans trailer. Wonder Woman sequel will take place in USA. Trivia: Character inspired by woman who started first planned parenthood. Hate/Love? RR: Internet trolls/Palm Springs. W: YouTube/Zen Healing.


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