Episode 137: This week we're asking about Sex With a Couple? + Pride Live June 29th. CELEBRITY SHADE: Ariana Grande going all in with new bf. Beyonce album drops and Tidal is at it again. XXXTemptation killed. Lisa Marie Presley sues again. Johnny Depp bye. The Connors. BBQ Becky and Permit Patty. Millie Bobby Brown isn't homophobic. NERD NEWS: Black Widow looking for female director. Avengers death threats. Luke Cage season 2. Wonder Woman 84 may have invisible jet. 

BONUS EPISODE with award winning actress, director, writer, and producer Charmaine Bingwa! Get to know this rising star, who's series "Little Sista" will stream on Revry in July. Want to support your community, artist and activists? Listen, share, and connect! Insta: @charmaineBingwa -- @RichyRich818 @TheWestopher -- https://www.facebook.com/RichyRichAndWestopher/

Episode 135! We want to know: Does Size Matter? + CELEBRITY SHADE: Did you know the Geico Gecko is a real thing? It's a plastic doll. -- Dumbo trailer. -- Jamie Foxx dick slaps a bitch. -- Save Stan Lee! -- Chris Hardwick canceled. -- B.E.T. Tweets about rape. NERD NEWS: Batman / Cat Woman wedding issue will have 50 covers. -- Zoe Saldana's gender neutral home. -- Wonder Woman 84 filming in DC right now. Bright colors, Wondy's rumored costume upgrade, very shades of Lynda Carter with Diana Prince wardrobe Cheetah reportedly friend then foe, Chris Pine returns, original film's cinematography, costuming and set design. 


Episode 134! We want to know about the biggest D you've ever...?? + UPFRONT: Kate Spade and Anthony Bordane RIP. National Rosé Day. CELEBRITY SHADE: Lindsey Lohan opening beach bars. Jeremy Rener breaks both arms. Drake won't respond to Pusha T. Legally Blonde 3. Halloween trailer. More Power Rangers movies. Brandon Frasier "me too." NERD NEWS: The Bumblebee Movie might be...good?? Game of Thrones Prequel; book series is set 90 years before.  


133: Oral Tips & Tricks + UPFRONT: Time's Up in real life. Advocate pride event. CELEBRITY SHADE: Bye Roseanne. Pusha T diss track about Drake's son. Benjamin Cumberbatch saves mugging victim. Aunt Viv still coming for Will Smith. Peppermint trailer. Solo flopping. NERD NEWS: Babylon 5 on Amazon prime. Wreck It Ralph sequel. What's your favorite old school video game? Gal Gadote in new Maroon 5 video. 


We talk to daner Phil Galbert, who won the "Dance With Janet" contest and performed with her on the Billboard Music Awards. Follow him on Instagram: @p.galbert | Get social with us: Twitter @RichyRich909 @Westopher Insta: @RichyRich818 @TheWestopher Facebook: (https://www.facebook.com/RichyRichAndWestopher/

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