Upfront: TV exec Ted Biaselli. RIP Gerri Sinclair. Shoutout: Fan Favorite, Two gay geeks, and WhedonCon. CELEBRITY SHADE: Royal Wedding. Arrested Development mess. Billboard Awards: Janet Jackson and Normani knocked that shit out. Megan McCain taking a knee. Tiffany Haddish getting sued. Nikki Minaj dating Eminem? Christopher Robin trailer. Happy Time Murders. Backstreet Boys are back! NERD NEWS: Thunder Cats reboot. Updating privacy statements. Deadpool 2. Boba Fett movie. Wonder Woman 2: Chris Pine and a new costume? Slide into our DMs: Twitter: @richyrich909 @westopher @AnimateTed INSTA: @richyrich818 @thewestopher @AnimateTed Facebook: (https://www.Facebook.com/richyrichandwestopher)   

UPFRONT: This Is America Women's Edit. Age of the Twink. Rita Ora in trouble with Girls. CELEBRITY SHADE: Drag Con; $35 entry fee, (parking), $100 to go in RuPaul booth, plus book cost to sign, plus additional $60 for a picture; all the queens charged $10-20 for autograph, only Michelle Visage and Ross Matthews did free signings.  Valentina has bodyguards block fans from approaching her at all times. Benjamin Cumberbatch  will only take new roles if female costars make equal pay. Brooklyn 99 canceled. NBC picks up! Hillary Duff snaps. NERD NEWS: Wonder Woman 2 filming now? Soon??? Set in the 80s. Let's Get Social! Twitter: @richyrich909 @westopher INSTA: @richyrich818 @thewestopher Facebook: (https://www.Facebook.com/richyrichandwestopher)   

129: Sexual Experiments! CELEBRITY SHADE: Tidal fakes streams. Spotify removed R. Kelly in playlists. Jordan Peele. Willow Smith saw parents having sex. Donald Glover is the new Messiah. Jane Fonda is done with men! Katy Perry and Taylor Swift made up. Pose proceeds go to charity. NERD NEWS: Lynda Carter wears "never forget" crown in Hebrew to Catholic event. Solo premiere and who cares. Connect with us! TWEET: @RichyRich909 @Westopher INSTA: @RichyRich818 @TheWestopher FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/RichyRichAndWestopher/

Who's Your Avengers Boyfriend? UP FRONT: New Jersey public school mystery pooper arrested. CELEBRITY SHADE: Chrissy Teigen shading her own news stories.  Busy Phillips getting talk show on E! Sandra Bullock stalker found dead. Kanye West "slavery was a choice." Mute R.Kelly. Xtina new song and video. NERD NEWS: Really sad Avengers fans. Celine Dion Desdpool 2 song. Ant Man and Wasp trailer. Slide into our DMs: @RichyRich909 @Westopher on Twitter, @RichyRich909 @TheWestopher on Insta. 

Speical guest Melissa Gottlieb joins us for our first all-music themed episode. From our childhood soundtrack to our teen favorites through today, we go in on our influences -- plus we have a few celebs to shade (of course); Carrie Underwood, Kanye, Shania Twain, Janet Jackson, Celine Dion -- make sure to get at us on social: @RichyRich909 @Westopher on Twitter and @RichyRich818 @TheWestopher on Insta | Find Melissa online at http://www.melissagottlieb.com/ @Melissa.Gottlieb on Insta. 

RichyRich is still shook fresh from seeing Infinity War, Westopher poorly explains the comic version, and a review ensues. This is an all spoilers review in which we will reveal all the things tha happened and give away the ending. What we liked, what we loved, and what we did't like so much! Get social @RichyRich909 @Westopher on Twitter and @RichyRich818 @Westopher on Insta

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