Episode 125: That Time We Made A Porn. UPFRONT: 13 Truck Drivers. Elderly dog saves three year old. CELEBRITY SHADE: Avichi RIP. Smallville sex cult update. Falcon "day off". Laganga Estranja became an alcoholic after season 6. They also didn't let her bring her meds (medical grade marijuana). James Cameron is still a fucking tool and wants people to get Avengers fatigue. Rihanna doing 2 albums?  NERD NEWS: Shatterstar will appear in Deadpool 2. He shared Marvel's first gay kiss with Rictor. Venom looks very computer generated. 

Episode 124: Waking Up The Neighbors. UP FRONT: National send nudes day. Instagram star jailed for drug smuggling. CELEBRITY SHADE: Be-yawn-cey. Final Jurassic World trailer. Taylor Swift bitched slapped in court. Lynda Carter not naming names. NERD NEWS: Harley Quinn movie. Steven Spielberg doing Marvel's Blackhawk.  

Episode 123! Shoutouts from Instagram!! UP FRONT: Tyrone sues Howard. CELEBRITY SHADE: Amazon Lord of the Rings 5 seasons. Marc Jacobs engagement, in a Chipotle. Simpsons addresses Apu "controversy." A Quit Place farts. Carrie Underwood to release new album and slightly new face. Mimi is bipolar. Save Stan Lee. Lisa vs. Lisa RHOBH. NERD NEWS: Infinity Wars butt posters. Batgirl back on with Christina Hodson. Black Panther surpasses Titanic as #3 movie of all timel DVD release in May. Connect with us on social media Twitter: RichyRich909 @Westopher Instagram: RichyRich818 @TheWestopher 

UP FRONT: Condom snorting. CELEBRITY SHADE: Demi and Kehlani. Stacey Dash withdraws from senate race. Fabolos is the new Chris Brown. John Legend Jesus Chris Superstar. Channing Tatum and Jenna Dawan breakup.Stranger Things lawsuit. Helen Mirren says stunt people should get Oscars. Colin Ferrel in rehab. NERD NEWS: Black Panther stuntmen are all also black. Stan Lee nurse stole his blood. Wonder Woman officially top grossing 2017 superhero film. Lynda Carter walk of fame star. Wonder Woman 2 casting.  Connect with us: Twitter @RichyRich909 @Westopher Insta: @RichyRich818 @TheWestopher 



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