Episode121! We want to know: Dry, spit, or lube when going solo? SHOUTOUTS: God of Props. Julian Jetson. Effie. Marta. Chris Riley and WonderCon! CELEBRITY SHADE: R. Kelly's Pets. Someone bit Beyonce. KFed what's good?  Chrissy Teigen fan saves her life. Trump's foot is as gross as his face. Russell Crowe selling Gladiator props to pay off ex wife. Christina Aguilera washed her damn face. NERD NEWS: Black Panther dethroned. Deadpool 2 trailer aka X-Force. The Avengers unite to send message to terminally ill fan. Chris Evans Dance Off. Men in Black spinoff reunites Thor cast.  Connect with us! Twitter @RichyRIch909 @Westopher Instagram @RichyRich818 @TheWestopher

Episode 120: Fave Fapping Position? UP FRONT: Does being a sperm donor mean you have responsibilities to any potential children? ANIMAL NEWS: The White Rino. CELEBRITY SHADE: Aubrey O'Day and Donald Trump Jr. affair. NSYNC getting star and a tequila. Britney + Kenzo. Ben Affleck's awful back tattoo. Fifth Harmony is "on a break." NERD NEWS: Black Panther still number one. Wonder Woman June US filming. Gal Gadot controversy. Connect with us! Twitter: @RichyRich909 @Westopher - Insta: @RichyRich818 @TheWestopher 

Ep 119: Lets Talk About PrEP. Stephen Hawking RIP. Toys R Us closing. LGBT: Drag queen dressed as Elsa frees truck from the snow in Boston. CELEBRITY SHADE: Beyonce/Jay-Z tour. Taylor Swift tries to dance again. Jessica Chastain donates to gofundme fertility fund. Zayn + Gigi. Harry Styles performed bi-sexual song. Selma Blair announces Cameron Diaz's retirement. Oprah's bathtub. NERD NEWS: Black Panther Billion. Buffy revival just missing Joss Whedon. Kristen Wig confirmed as Cheetah in Wonder Woman 2. 


Bonus episode: All about cosplay. We talk about our convention schedule, cosplays: Spider Man, Black Panther, Nighwing, Power Rangers, best costumes, fantasy cosplay ideas, and our biggest costume fails. 

Ep. 117  Sex on public transport? LGBT: Ben Dela Creme eliminates HERSELF. RuPaul said trans women "probably" wouldn't be in RPDR. CELEBRITY SHADE: Nobody likes Ryan Seacrest. Get Out was robbed. Fenty shades Daniel Kaayula. Michael B. Jordan diverse crew. More reeboots! Kfed child support. Chrissy Teigen RIP doggo. Gay skier wants foursome with Ricky Martin. NERD NEWS: The FBI pays the Geek Squad to spy on you. The talk and text only phone. Avengers moved up a week. 


SHOUTOUT: Mayhem Miller!!! Kerin at LGBT center. She recommends "Terrible thanks for asking"  LGBT: Will Elsa be gay in Frozen 2? CELEBRITY SHADE: Get Out 2008. Babs cloned her dead dog, twice, a 50,000 process. Annihilation flops. Natalee Portman byyyyeee. Safari the rapper's dick. The Sam Smith kiss. Stacy Dash runs for congress. Alicia Silverstone divorce. Heather Locklear is a mess. NERD NEWS: Cat Woman writer hated the movie. Cheetah "one of" the proposed villains in Wonder Woman 2. 

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