115: The backside special. UP FRONT: Florida teen shooting survivors to march on Washington, D.C. CELEBRITY SHADE: Drake God's plan. Fergie national anthem. Wendy Williams taking time off. Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston. Jeffrey Tambaum off Transparent. NERD NEWS: Black Panther review. Flashpoint and Batgirl to follow Wonder Woman 2.

We review the film that's become a cultural touchstone -- Black Panther! In this all spoilers review, we discuss the characters, acturs, plot threads, conflicts, and the bigger themes within the film. Nothing cencored or left out, so if you don't want spoilers then listen after you've seen the movie! 

Episode 113: We want to know all about your dirty Gym Sex! UP FRONT: Lady Doritos. ANIMAL KINGDOM: Someone tried to mail a baby tiger! Peter Rabbit controversy. CELEBRITY SHADE: Kim Cattrall rips Sarah Jessica Parker a new asshole. Topher DiMaggio porn star rapist. Ellen gets called out. Tinashe album push back. Britney racist video. NERD NEWS: Black Panther weekend. Venom teaser trailer. Wonder Woman 2 working title "Magic Hour." Based upon the Greek mythological figure depicted in Homer’s The Odyssey, DC Comics’ villain Circe was introduced in 1949’s Wonder Woman #37 as a wicked sorceress, and a frequent foe of the iconic superheroine. Eva Green? 

112: BONUS Episode! We talk about our past and present gay icons, and topics that cover growing up LGBT "back in the day" without PrEP and Grindr, before marraige equality was even a conversation -- and what it means for the gay community today. 

Episode 111! This week we ask about masturbating ... with a friend. + ALL CELEBRITY SHADE: Justin Timberlake. Britney Spears. Janet Jackson appreciation day. Kim K Valentines. Spice Girls reunion. When Wes met Elvira. AND A LITTLE NERD NEWS: The Cloverfield Paradox. Solo teaser trailer. Black Panther prem. Wonder Woman 2 filming this summer in London. Gal Gadot on The Simpsons. 

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