Episode 110: We ask all about sex outside your ethnic group! UP FRONT: Jenna from Bad Jew Weekly! ANIMAL NEWS: Baboons run wild in Paris zoo. 50 baboons escape enclosure, shut down park. CELEBRITY SHADE: Milli Vanilli turns 30. Riverdale "Karma is a bitch" Chinese meme. Westside story remake. OITNB Taryn Manning. Charmed reboot. Holly Marie Combs is not here for it. Megyn Kelly vs Jane Fonda. Cardi B. Justin Timberlake. Britney's world tour. Chris Rock bans cell phones. NERD NEWS: Wonder Woman snubbed! Gal's statement. 

Episode 109! The masc v fem debate. UP FRONT: Adam Rippon doesn't believe Mile Pence represents his values. Michael Phelps opens up about depression: wanted to commit suicide at height of his career. CELEBRITY SHADE: Versace. Paris Jackson helps hitchhikers. Justin Timberlake. Tom Petty. Betty White is 96. Zac Efron is Ted Bundy? Shape of Water sucks. NERD NEWS: Super mans red pants comeback. Nintendo Labo.  Laura Croft trailer. Chris Hemsworth says goodbye Thor. 


EP 108! This week we want to know: What's Your Kink? UP FRONT: The laundry folding robot. CELEBRITY SHADE: Lindsey Lohan on Wendy Williams. Leo to star in QT's Manson film. Megyn Kelly thinks women want to be fat shamed. Mark Wahlberg is a dick. Tonya Harding. John Snow wasted! Kit Harington TMZ video. YouTube is too busy counting their Logan Paul money to deal with Logan Paul being problematic. Oprah for president? Wait but why tho. The Weekend breaks with H&M over sweatshirt, "coolest monkey in the jungle" worn by a black kid. NERD NEWS: Black Widow movie. Lindsey Lohan wants to be Batgirl. Patty Jenkins says Wonder Woman 2 will be "completely different" film. 

Episode 107! Tea Bagging and Other Odd Sexual Requests. UP FRONT: Cosplayer Provocateur Chris Riley, aka Cap Lucky! "Man with the largest penis" stretched foreskin to his knee. CELEBRITY SHADE: Mariah didn't ruin New Year's Eve. Walking Dead fined $12k after death of stunt man. Logan Paul is a shit hole. WTF Justin Timberlake. Bruno Mars and Cardi B. Kiernan Shipka (from Mad Men) is Sabrina the Teenage Witch! Winchester trailer. Bye Bryan Singer kicked off Legion. Betty White loves hot dogs and vodka. ANIMALS: Frozen Iguanas falling from trees in Florida. NERD NEWS: DCU has new creative director. Wonder Woman Extras. Justice League *spoiler* (very brief, skip ahead 30-60 seconds and you will miss it) 

Revenge Sex stories: Our listeners are fucking crazy! UP FRONT: Lindy Lou Layman arrested for throwing wine on her date's paintings. They were Warhol originals. This was a first date. Cat was reunited with owners two years after it disappeared on Christmas. CELEBRITY SHADE: Chrissy Teigan goes nowhere. Amanda Bynes is back! Katy Perry fucks over some nuns in court. Dr. Phil drugs people for ratings. NERD NEWS: Apple says sorry. Among top 5 grossing films. Star Wars. Wonder Woman (Beauty and the Beast). Gal Gadot is #3 top grossing actor (the only female in top 3). WW2 another period piece? Sarah Paulson wants to play Cheetah in Wonder Woman 2. Stan Lee is 95! 

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