Episode 105! We asked about @2ReasonsToDitchADate - every walked out on a hookup? UPFRONT: Aliens! SpaceX rocket gets more press than actual UFO documentation. ANIMAL NEWS: Turtle with $52 million in cocaine. CELEBRITY SHADE: Gay Disney Princess! Bright is awful and so is Will Smith. T.J. Miller is gross. Matt Damn insists on going down in flames. Oceans 8. Remove Matt Damon! Mariah Carey Rockin' NYE. Aaron Carter ready to date men. NERD NEWS: Apple slows down your phone!  Star Wars: Not so great? Lynda Carter cameo in Wonder Woman 2. Super Girl to end after S3? 

Crappy holidays! We're on a break this week, so enjoy a stilly clip show from a couple of last year's episodes when RichyRich was in Arizona! Anti-Holiday movies, Creepy Christmas songs. Sex topic of the week: Snowballing 

Dylan Howard story on HuffPo: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/dylan-howard-celebuzz_us_5a2b02c8e4b069ec48ad56b4 Russia banned from Olympics. LA fires. ANIMALS ATTACK! Squirrel ruins Christmas. CELEBRITY SHADE: Jurassic Park trailer. Bye: Bryan Singer! Rose McGowan called Alyssa Milano a fake bitch (bc Alyssa is still friends with HW wife who is divorcing him). She also says Meryl Streep is a fucking liar. Girl, didn't you date a married man with 5 kids and broke up his marriage? Selena Gomez makes her Instagram private after teddy bear meltdown. JK Rowling defends wife beater Johnny Depp. Katherine McPhee is a wedding crashing bitch. The Simpsons is "racist." David Cassidy beyond the grave shenanigans. NERD NEWS: People started standing in line  for the Last Jedi on Dec.8. It's out Dec.14. A 40 year tradition. A New Hope Debuted at The Hollywood Chinese Theater. Donna Troy aka Wonder Girl on Titans series. Wonder Woman Scholarship.  

UP FRONT: The Ban on Glitrer! Micro plastics. Lush cosmetics uses biodegradable products. ANIMAL NEWS: Opossum breaks into liquor store and gets drunk on bourbon. CELEBRITY SHADE: Sabrina is a go! Sabrina The Teenage Witch on Netflix. Bye: Matt Lauer, Russell Simmons, Bryan Singer. Twitter gays have turned on Gwen Stefani. Armie Hammer's balls had to be digitally removed from Call Me By Your Name. Megan Markle and Prince Harry! Fake Chris Pratt. Britney's fake manager. Victoria's Secret Models Angels sing Cardi B. AND USED THE N WORD. Jay-Z cheated. Jersey Shore is baaaack. Pitch Perfect 3. Painful Frozen short in front of Coco. NERD NEWS: Avengers Infinity War trailer / Fan trailer. Wonder Woman WINS: Spotlight Award. Hero Hotline! Sign up and help those in need. HATE/LOVE: RichyRich: Gays who are above it all. / Erika Jayne. Westopher: Group texts! / My closet.

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