DO YOU GET INTO ROLE PLAYING? Episode 101! UP FRONT: Starbucks continues to fuck up Christmas. Malia Obama blows smoke rings. Echo recorded ass-slapping sex and sent to all contacts. CELEBRITY SHADE: Gay Porn Awards so white; best "ethnic scene." Naya Rivera is a crazy bitch. Bryan Cranston. Paris Hilton invented the selfie. Hipster racism Lena Dunham. Xtina at AMAs. Jeffrey Tambour leaves Transparent. Aaron Carter in the mend! The Commuter. NERD NEWS: Coco beats Justice League. But wait! Joss Whedon is directing Bat Girl. Flash Point movie!! And ps the guy playing him is openly gay. Green Lantern 2020.

100TH EPISODE SPECIAL!!!  UP FRONT: Special guest Crystina Sayers @crystinasayers. CELEBRITY SHADE: Jennifer Hudson you in danger girl. Harry Potter fans are pissed at Johnny Depp. Taylor fans are mad. Errybody mad at Jenna Marbles. People are mad that Blake Shelton is sexy. We're mad at Henry Cavil mustache. Westopher is mad at Incrediables 2 trailer being all about the baby. NERD NEWS: The Punisher. Wonder Woman 2? Gal Gadote hold out till Brett Ratner is out. Now a month earlier Justice League starts with WW. But it might flop?  Post JL: Next up Aquaman and Shazam, WW2. No Whedon batgirl movie. Possibly a "Wonder Woman universe." 

UP FRONT: Shoutout to Quinn!! CELEBRITY SHADE: Paradise Papers: Bono, Madonna, tax shelters. Chris Rock rape joke. Sabrina reunion. Tyrese is still an asshole. Louis CK is disgusting. Allison Mack, Chloe from Smallville, is in a sex cult because of course it's 2017. Perfect Circle and Tool say no to phones at concerts. Tiffany Haddish is first black female comedian to host SNL. Are there any good celebrity stories??? NERD NEWS
Marvel says bye Netflix as Disney to offer streaming service. Black Panther hits fever pitch with posters, trailers. Hate/Love? RR: People ask g for weed/Our Listeners!!!  W: Emotions.

UP FRONT: Kitty loves. CELEBRITY SHADE: Chrissy Teigen left $1000 tip at Outback Steakhouse in Ohio. Cher X Rihanna. Mila Kunis is amazing. House of Cards canceled. Bette Midler says Hocus Pocus remake is cheap. Beyoncé is Nalah. Beyoncé is little Kim. Sarah Hyland is not the one. Wendy Williams passes out in Halloween costume. NERD NEWS: Thor Ragnarok. LA Times banned from advance screenings because of bad press. Also Jeff Goldblum is hot at 65. Wonder Woman is highest grossing origin film.

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