UP FRONT: R.I.P Kitty. CELEBRITY SHADE: Kevin Spacey is a perv. Kelly Clarkson: I wasn't happy just because I looked good. Justin Timberlake Super Bowl bull shit. Wtf Selena Gomez cover art. NERD NEWS: Stranger Things. Stan Lee's Comic Con. Wonder Woman.

SHOUTS: Sweat Garage. Jax Taylor. Michael Buckley. LGBT: Playboy first trans playmate. Erotica is 25. Released in 1992. CELEBRITY SHADE: Will Smith sucks. Snowman Killer sucks. Kathy Griffin is still trying to be famous. E! Finally cancels Fashion Police. Angela Landsbury is 91. Beyonce is no feather duster. Jeremy Renner app...??? NERD NEWS: Famke Janssen burns the bridge. Carrie Fisher bday. 80 original Netflix movies in 2018. Punisher v Justice League. Ryan Potter is Beast Boy (auditioned for Ben Affleck's Robin). Black Panther trailer. Stranger Things spoilers. Wonder Woman and some guys: 3 hour run time??? WW fans flop Prof Marston film, lowest opening of the year.

Funny Scary Movies Hocus Pocus Gremlins The Witches Shaun of the Dead Otto (or Up Dead People) Hellbent Dead Alive Killer Klowns From Outer Space

Very Scary: Gerald's Game Dolls Hellraiser

Horror trivia

UP FRONT: Special guest Michael Varriti. CELEBRITY SHADE: Kim Cattrall says go on without me. Harvey Weinstein is a perv. Little Richard isn't gay! Bladerunner fails. NERD NEWS: Star Wars Trailer. Punisher panel canceled at NYCCC. Rick and Morty fans are violent assholes. Wonder Woman and the other guys, latest Justice League trailer. Gal Gadot never had a Resses cup. Gal on SNL. Fanatics hate Marston and the Wonder Women bc lesbians. New Halloween will pick up after the original, as though no sequels ever happened. HALLOWEEN TOPIC: Fave scary movie!?

UP FRONT: Hugh Hefner dies at 91. CELEBRITY SHADE: Wendy Williams cheating scandal. Elizabeth Banks to direct new Charlie's Angels. Will and Grace hate Megyn Kelly. So does Jane Fonda. And mostly everyone else. Four Avatar sequels. The Weekend H&M collection sells out. No Sex And The City 3. NERD NEWS: Inhumans is trash. Lynda Carter tells James Cameron to fuck off. HATE/LOVE? RR: Hocus Pocus / Yoshi. W: Emotional reactions / Cold Justice. D: Extremists / RichyRich and Westopher

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