UP FRONT: Take A Knee. CELEBRITY SHADE: Fergie blowing people's minds. Nobody wants Mary-Kate and Ashley anymore. Aaron Carter getting treatment. Beyonce isn't paying up. Sabrina is coming to Riverdale. Will and Grace returns. NERD NEWS: Babadook and Pennywise?Terminator. Arrowverse: Crisis on Earth X (Supergirl, Flash, Legends, Arrow) Russell Tovey cast as The Rey. Fans want Wonder Woman to be bisexual in sequel. Adrianne Palicki devastated by her TV version of WW not getting picked up, but "it led me here." HATE/LOVE? RR: Overhyped movies / The Official Bonnet Chronicles. W: Money / Coupons.

UP FRONT: Cassini (cah see knee) Saturn mission. Munroe Bergdorf Loreal, Illamasqua. CELEBRITY SHADE: Selena Gomez kidney transplant. Nick Cage drunk at Mom and Dad premiere. James Woods is a creeper. Charlie was supposed to be black, Oompa Loompas pigmies. Aaron Carter breakdown. Golden Girls 1985. Fergie Josh Duhamel split. Stranger Things 3 contracts. Kevin Hart extortion. NERD NEWS: Halloween 2018. Stan Lee working on F4 and X Men. Len Wein dies. Wolverine. Daniel Day Kim Hellboy. iPhone X. Punch Out on Switch. Patty Jenkins hires writer for Wonder Woman 2: David Callaham. HATE/LOVE? RR: Ungracious people / I Love Lucy. W: Shannen Doherty / Podcasting.

UP FRONT: Hurricane Irma. Parks Denton. LA Grindr exposed! CELEBRITY SHADE: Power Puff Girls. AHS Cult. John Legend video casting and breakup. It movie. Will and Grace SPOILER. Right in front of my salad sequel. Disney adds white character to Aladdin. Kate Winslet, complicit. NERD NEWS: Batman The Animated Series is 25. Jared Leto, blind Bladerunner. Professor Marston and the Wonder Women.

HATE/LOVE? RR: Ryan Stires/Kelly Clarkson. W: 👎🏼Climate deniers/❤️Disjointed

In this episode, we talk about ice as a sexual enhancer! UP FRONT: Hurricane and fires. CELEBRITY SHADE: The Simpsons fires Alf Clausen, composer of TWENTY SEVEN YEARS. Britney drags drunk fan. Keanu Reeves is 53. Todrick Hall says Taylor Swift is a good dancer. Lord of the Flies remake with all women. NERD NEWS: Joker move with Leo DiCaprio as lead...??? Titans casts Dick Greyson (aka Robin aka Nightwing) and Starfire. Wonder Woman: Party Jenkins "not surprised" James Cameron doesn't get it.

HATE/LOVE? W: CNN / Insta: @reesebright. RR: Self-hating black people / 5th Harmony.

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