UP FRONT: The fucking eclipse! Flood in Houston. Trans ban. Jerry Lewis. CELEBRITY SHADE: Celine Dion launches handbag line and donates first day sales to charity. Robert Downey Jr scam. Amy Schumer pay scale. Joss Whedon roasted by ex wife. Louis CK sexual predator. 5th Harmony shades Camilla. Taylor Swift is a snake. Fergie visual album. Gaga documentary. NERD NEWS: Death Note. The Batman will be stand alone film. The Joker origin movie in the works by Martin Scorsese. Wonder Woman surpasses original Spider-Man movie sales. James Cameron says movie was "a step backwards." Rereleased in imax. Hate/Love? RR: New Katy Perry video/5th Harmony. W: Netflix/pizza.

In this episode we talk about roommate sex! Plus... UP FRONT: RIP Dick Gregory. REVIEWS!!!!! Leave us one. CELEBRITY SHADE: Fifth Harmony. Riverdale season 2. Chrissy Teigen cries. Gaga backlash. Xtina fans are pissed. MTV unplugged returning. The Jetsons. Miley Cyrus Younger Now. NERD NEWS: The Defenders.‪ #HanSoloMovieTitles. ‬Obi-Wan Kenobi movie. Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins to helm part 2. HATE/LOVE? RR: People w no manners/Tiffany Haddish. W: Too fast Internet memes/Ice Cream.

UP FRONT: Out Power 50. Don Lemon. CELEBRITY SHADE: Kesha Rainbow. Aaron Carter is bi. Chris Pratt is single. Pink's new single. Boozy gives son a bday prozzie. Mother trailer. Bachelor in Paradise last minute edits. NERD NEWS: Barb had anxiety. Justice League "unwatchable." Wonder Woman DVD Sept.19. Etta Candy will have special added scene. HATE/LOVE? RR: Racist porn star Antonio Biaggi. W: Racists / Amazon Prime.

In this week's episode we want to know: Ever Performed Sex Acts On Yourself? Shouts: Emilio! Twitter @EmilioEmm. UP FRONT: Right in front of my salad? Trends. CELEBRITY SHADE: Bob Barker is ALIVE!!! Shawn Mendes fragrance. Inhumans are horrible. Janet Mock goes off. Usher gave a dude herp. People can't STFU about Game of Thrones. TRL to return. Karate Kid revival. Will and Grace already renewed for season 2. NERD NEWS: Flash movie may have Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman currently #2 moves of THE YEAR. SIX Flags Wonder Woman roller coaster.

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