In this episode we ask: Do You Have A Secret Sexy Tumblr? Topics this week: Shoutouts! Xochi. UP FRONT: Trans Ban. *God loves you unconditionally, but only under these special circumstances* CELEBRITY SHADE: Justin Bieber. Beyoncé sued by gay rapper who died. Usher sued for herpes. Princess Diaries 3?? Sharknado 5?? NERD NEWS: iPod nano and shuffle officially discontinued. Liev Shreiber's son dresses as Harley Quinn at comic con. Anthony Rapp will play gay couple with Wilson Cruz in Stsr Trek Discovery. Stranger Things season 2 trailer. Superman's stache woes. Wonder Woman release date December 13, 2019. Hate/Love? RR: Facebook argument over racism/Keenan Thompson. W: My damn curtains/Happy clients.

On this week's show, we want to know: Are you open to an open relationship? UP FRONT: Our guests!!! Diora Baird and Mav Viola, coming out in The Advocate. George A. Romero RIP. John Heard RIP. Chester Bennington RIP. CELEBRITY SHADE: R. Kelly cult. Teen Wolf cast all have dick pics online. NERD NEWS: SDCC: Justice League trailer. Wonder Woman 2. Professor Marston & The Wonder Women Trailer. Female Dr. Who.

Episode 81: We want to know all about double penetration! UP FRONT: When Did WeHo Get So Straight? CELEBRITY SHADE: Beyoncé twin pic. Mel B update. Carmen Electra is a wax figure. Sammy Sosa is pink now? Madonna letter. Tarantino Manson murders. Shia LaBeouf racist rant. Charlize Theron is badass. Plus story of her designer purse. NERD NEWS: Star Wars Land. No stand alone Hulk movie. Live action Aladdin. A Wrinkle In Time Trailer. Black Panther villain revealed: Man Ape. Can we talk about racist stereotypes? Rumor: First cut is 4 hours long. Wonder Woman 2 set in 80s? Steve Trevor returns? Hate/Love: RR: Racists Air BnB/Demi Lovato. W: Netflix "Extraordinary" documentary/Nothing!!!

Episode 80! We want to know: can a fetish go too far? Specifics: feet yes or no? UP FRONT: Venus Williams car accident. 'True Blood' Star Nelsan Ellis Dead at 39. NPR "spammed" Twitter with 113 tweets on July 4th that brought heavy criticism for being "propaganda" of the liberal media. It was the Declaration of Independence. Kobe Bryant on participation trophies "take that 4th place trophy and put it up so you can see what you'll never win again." CELEBRITY SHADE: Christina Aguilera singing lessons $90? Kesha is back!!!! Praying. Kanye leaves Tidal. Daniel Day Kim, Grace Park peace out Hawaii Five-O. Andrew Garfield playing gay by watching Drag Race. Adam West lives on! Recorded episodes for next season of Family Guy. Madonna dated Tupac, he dumped her bc she's white. NERD NEWS: You can mute Insa stories!! Spider-Man Homecoming is NOT an origin story. There's also NO "spider sense." Stars Instagram support for Wonder Woman (holding EW cover). Gay XXX gay parody. Chris Evans tweeted a dog pic and the internet went nuts. Infinity War now filming: Wonder Woman is DCs most successful movie. Ever. Hate/Love: RR: Bad dog parents/John Legend and Christie Tiegen. W: Everyone/Grandma Fergie is 80 today and named her cat after Sheena the jungle girl comic book.

Episode 79! We want to know what you're more attracted to: ass or abs? Shoutout: Lynn Stodden, @T_Bizzle. UP FRONT: YouTube Prank Ends in Shooting Death. CELEBRITY SHADE: Jeremy Meeks dates up. Lucian Pian now works at a smoke shop. Kelly Osbourne pisses self, blames Starbucks. Jay Z Tidal exclusive kinda backfires? Britney sings?! NERD NEWS: iPhone is 10 Years Old. Cyborg Superman hates being on Supergirl. Young Han Solo director replaced. Valerian embargo lifted and reviews are super amazing. Inhumans trailer. Wonder Woman sequel will take place in USA. Trivia: Character inspired by woman who started first planned parenthood. Hate/Love? RR: Internet trolls/Palm Springs. W: YouTube/Zen Healing.

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