Episode 74! We want to know: is making out with your doppelgänger hot or not? Shoutouts: Twitter @PupCrash. UP FRONT: Explosion at Arianna Grande concert. Roger Moore dies. CELEBRITY SHADE: Katy Perry and Migos are homophobic assholes and can fuck right off. Mary J. Bridge breaks up fight between Kate Moss and Cannes party goer. Dani Mathers. Jessica Simpson on Ellen. The Bachelorette premiere. Dirty Dancing remake sucked. NERD NEWS: Star Wars Vanity Fair cover. Silver Sable and Black Cat movie finds director. Justice League director on hiatus due to daughter's suicide. Joss Whedon takes the helm to do reshoots. WONDER WOMAN premiere and more! Hate/Love? W: Notary services/Hero Hotline http://eepurl.com/8bhHT RR: Deplorables/City of West Hollywood

Gym Sex Stories! Chris Cornell, Katy Perry, Cher, Celine Dion, Roseanne, Harry Styles, Mo'Nique, Star Trek, Venom, Tom Hardy, Wonder Woman

Episode 73: Ever Had Sex At The Gym? Shouts: Shawna from Second Wives Club. Twitter: @itsratedjay

UP FRONT: Chris Cornell dead at 52. Roger Ailes dies. CELEBRITY SHADE: Katy Perry continues to suck. Roseanne coming back. Cher and Celine Rock Billboard Music Awards. Real O'Neals canceled. Avril Levine body double conspiracy. Harry Styles is the new Justin Timberlake. DWTS Jr. Mo'Nique comes for Oprah, Tyler Perry and Lee Daniels. NERD NEWS: Hugh Jackman didn't know wolverines were real animals. New Star Trek @itsratedjay. Venom movie with Tom Hardy. Wonder Woman reviews! 7 Clips and bloopers. WhedonCon. Who Do We Hate/Who Do We Love? W: Blaming the victim/Bitches with attitude. RR: Complainers/Our friendship. Subscribe, rate, and review! https://itun.es/us/8oBuab.c

Episode 72! Public Sex Stories! Shouts: Twitter: Victor @jlovesv2. Dave @daveteouble from Below Deck. UP FRONT: Little boys wearing makeup. CELEBRITY SHADE: Richard Simmons suing National Enquirer. Caitlyn Jenner book launch. Once Upon A Time renewed with nearly zero original cast members. Patty LuPone says Madonna sucks. Steve Harvey sucks. #BowWowChallenge. Abbey Lee Miller sentenced to prison in fraud case. Nicole Kidman isn't here for Gida's cooking. NERD NEWS: Wonder Woman promotes "Think Thin" and fans lose their shit. Hate/Love? Wes: People aggressively handing crap out on the street/Hollywood. RR: Black on black racists/Chelsea Handler.

Episode 71! This week we ask: Ever Seen Someone You Know In A Porn? With celebrity stylist Ali Levine! Shouts: Matt!!! Clay and Jeffrey Allen who BOTH flipped their cars! Twitter: @hyperballad627, @claybeez. Instagram: jeffreyallen87 UP FRONT: Russia jails gays. Unicorn Wars!!! CELEBRITY SHADE: Met Gala!!! Moonlight won best kiss, Janet world tour announced at MTV Awards. The New Miley Cyrus. NERD NEWS: May The 4th Be With You. Whedon Con appearance: Westopher at the "Gay on Whedon" panel Friday May 19 at 6:30pm. Hate/Love? Wes: Bad pet parents/Palm Springs. RR: Idiot people, Ronnie Artimus on Facebook donation page (PLEASE PLEDGE!!! https://www.gofundme.com/ronniebartimus)

Episode 70! This week's Sex Question: Have you ever sent a nude to the wrong person? UP FRONT: Pride will be a resist march. Not a tacky parade. Science has created an artificial womb. CELEBRITY SHADE: Fire Island brings all the stereotypes. Busy Phillips Instarich. Katy Perry can fuck right off. Ja Rule's Fyre Fest disintegrates into flaming pile of shit. Caitlyn Jenner book tour. Bill Cosby's daughter says he's totally not a rapist. Dr. Luke dropped by Sony. Couldn't have happened to a bigger creep. Have fun with Bill O'Reilly. NERD NEWS: Fantastic Beasts 2. Who do we hate who do we love? RR: Fire Island, Room Escape Wes: Hate nothing! Love RichyRich! Sex Question? Ever accidentally sent a nude? RR: Yes. Wes: No. Subscribe! Rate! Review! Room Escape LA: friendly escape 20% off.

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