Episode 69! With special guest Dr. Jason Emer! This week we want to know: have you ever been to a sex club? UP FRONT: Botox for your balls!!! Barb is bi. That damn giraffe had her baby. April is a momma. Internet Outrage: The unfriendly skies. CELEBRITY SHADE: Gina Rodrigues (Jane the Virgin) cast as Carmen Sandiego. Bill O'Riley goes on permanent vacation. Lady Gaga new single and Coachella. Janet divorce. Girls series finale. Transsexual Survivor. NERD NEWS: Last Jedi trailer. James Gunn confirms GOTG3 Who do we hate who do we love? W: Entitled white bitches, Starbucks. RR: His voice, Westopher! JE: Car leases, Movers.

Episode 68! With special guest Ian Carlos Crawford. this week, we want to know: Would You Rather have sex with someone you're sort of attracted to or no sex at all? SHOUTS: Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright. UP FRONT: Bye Don Rickles. Bonnie Tiegel memorial fund.CELEBRITY SHADE: Barry Manilow finally comes out. Mel B Spice Girls divorce. Posh pisses off Mel C. Israel postpones election due to Britney concert. Ricky Martin Versace: American Crime Story. Anne Hathaway interviewed by her hater. Pepsi ad pisses off the internet. NERD NEWS: Squirrel Girl TV show. Ghost in the Shell. Who do we hate, who do we love? RR: Nad ass kids and their parents. W: Vet bills. Ian: Sarah Michelle Gellar. RR: Chewing Gum and Porn Hub. W: Birthday Love. Ian: Entertainment Weekly.

Episode 67! Have You Ever Given/Received Road Head? CELEBRITY SHADE: April Fools jokes. Naya Rivera and David Spade? ANTM will accept old people. Mama June is a "size 4." Beyoncé Lion King remake? Marry Poppins remake. Bianca Del Rio vs. Candace Cameron. NERD NEWS: Batgirl movie! Buffy 20 year cast reunion. Ghost in the Shell flops. Chris Evans open to playing Captain America after contract ends. It trailer released. Wondercon 2017!

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