Episode 66! We want to know, do you like more: bubble butts or big dicks? UP FRONT: Tipping is racist. CELEBRITY SHADE: Drag Race prem. Pretty Little Liars. Katy Perry tried to pray the gay away. Gwyneth Paltrow publishes sodomy guide on goop. Missing Richard Simmons podcast ends after 6 eps. DWTS pussy grab. Wyclef Jean mistakenly arrested. People waited up all night for Dave Chapel specials. That were PST not EST. Meanwhile Chapel says Key and Peele are "doing a format I created." STFU Dave! Nia Long Empire feud. NERD NEWS: Jenny Slate dishes Chris Evans breakup. Iron First isn't that bad. Power Rangers no.2 movie. Justice League Trailer. Who do we hate, who do we love? Wes: Dogs without leashes, undercover workouts. RichyRich: Talking in the morning, POWER RANGERS!

Episode 65! We want to know: Ever Had Sex in Uniform? SHOUTOUTS: IG KennyGenius99, otr773 T: hyperballad627, claybeez. UP FRONT: YouTube restricts gay content. CELEBRITY SHADE: Tyra Banks AGT judge. Colton Haynes engaged to a florist nearly 20 years his elder. DWTS Heather Morris controversy. TI went off on 45 after the prez insulted Snoop Dogg. Get Out reaches $100m. Alex Baldwin won't play 45 much longer. SNL Weekend Update getting spinoff. Big Bang Theory getting spinoff. Ben Affleck was in rehab but he's not now. RuPaul got married! NERD NEWS: Power Ranger convicted of voluntary manslaughter. Iron Fist is terrible. Beauty and the Beast is boring. Matrix reboot. Lynda Carter actually did her own stunt with a helicopter 50 feet in the air. Who do we hate, who do we love? Wes: Manipulation, The mom who got even with kids picking on her child by making them cupcakes and frosting them with mustard. RichyRich: Selfish people, Hot neighbor.

Bonus Episode! In this episode we review the movie Get Out. This is an ALL SPOILERS review, so if you haven't seen it and don't want spoilers, don't blame is we warned you right in the title. @RichyRich909 @Westopher

Episode 64! We want to know: Ever done the Eiffel Tower position? SHOUTOUTS: Christian at Sweat Garage. TV One: The Game of Dating. UP FRONT: Joseph Nicollsi, founder of "ex-gay therapy" dies. Hurrah! TheCIA can spy through your TV and other devices. Statue of Pharaoh Ramses III unearthed. CELEBRITY SHADE: Ciara in car accident. Little Mermaid trailer with Shirley McClaine? Gay Beauty and Beast Character. Nikki Minaj responds to Remy Ma. Get Out Samuel L. Jackson. Lorde has a new album and people have many emotions. NERD NEWS: Thor gets a haircut. Atomic Blonde trailer released. Buffy turns 20. New Wonder Woman trailer. Who do we hate, who do we love? RichyRich: Nightclub security, Johnny Depp's peacock. Wes: Oblivious people, Get Out

Sex with the Boss? Bill Paxton, Oscars, Moonlight, Jackie Warner, Meryl Streep, RuPaul, Lady Gaga, Danny Wood

Episode 63! Shouts: Jim Patterson Insta: men.international and Man Crush Blog. Inside Noise. UP FRONT: Bill Paxton RIP. CELEBRITY SHADE: Oscars fuck up MOTY announcement. Second black and FIRST gay film to win an Oscar. Jackie Warner arrested. Men of Moonlight are new Ck models. Karl Lagerfeld apologized to Meryl Streep and she wasn't having it. RuPaul's Drag Race moves to VH1. Serena Williams went against 2 random guys she saw playing tennis during her walk: she won. Lady Gaga covers for Beyoncé. Remy Ma releases 2nd diss track about Nikki Minaj. Danny Wood has a big dick. NERD NEWS: Guardians of the Galaxy final trailer released. Dead Pool 2 teaser Nightwing movie? Who Do We Hate Who Do We Love? Wes: Fake milk. Friends. RichyRich: Throwing people under the bus. Get Out.

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