Episode 62! We want to know: What's Your Deal-Breaker? Would you not have sex with someone because of: Politics. Hygiene. PnP. Watching TV during. Smoker. Sports rivalry. Drag. Britney hater. UP FRONT: 7 Earth-like planets discovered. Justin Trudeau's bubble butt sends thirsty internet into frenzy. CELEBRITY SHADE: The Oscars, who fucking cares? Caitlyn Jenner is a tranny mess. Beyoncé ruins Coachella. Cash me outside girl gets another 15 minutes. Remy Ma v Nikki Minaj. Karl Lagerfeld v Meryl Streep. Who Do We Hate, Who Do We Love? Wes: Everyone at the DMV. My kitty. RichyRich: Downers. The Homeless.

Sex with the Ex? Britney, Katy, Beyoncé, Power Rangers, Wonder Woman, Grammys, Lion King

Episode 61! Sex with the ex? SHOUTS: The Dear Matty Show. CJ Franklin Hyper Growth Media. @russlugan UP FRONT: Kyrie Irving sparks flat earth controversy. CELEBRITY SHADE: Errybody pissed Beyoncé didn't win AOTY Grammy. Britney Ever After. Related: Katy Perry pisses off Britney stans. Nicole Kidman isn't here for your worst dressed lists. LiLo singing again in Disney movie? She'd line to think so. Kesha's team leaks Dr. Luke emails. Donald Glover, James Earl Jones cast in live action Lion King. NERD NEWS: David Duke v Chris Evans Twitter fight. "Chris Evans' dick can genocide me anytime.' Logan reviews are in! Final Power Rangers trailer. National Wonder Woman Day June 3. Full new line of toys. Who Do We Hate, Who Do We Love? Wes: Keyboard Warriors. Old timey things (inherited my great grandfathers robe. It's luxurious and gentlemanly. RichyRich: Apartment construction at 7am. New Apple Laptop MacBook Air 13"

Episode 60! We want to know about Sex Amnesia - Forgot You Slept With Someone Until Later? Shouts: Comic Book Talks Steven Taylor O'Conner: Finances For Teens and Those Who Spend Like One Up Front: Trevon Martin would have been 22 this week. Boy Scouts rule to include transgender boys. Black History month: Frederick Douglass, Rosa Parks Celebrity Shade: Grammys - next week Emma Watson and Miles Teller originally set for La La Land and dropped for being "too demanding." Beyoncé pregnant with twins. Gaga super bowl. Gaga guest on RPDR. RuPaul's Drag Race Season 9 preview. Will you watch? Katy Perry is "Chained to the Rhythm" Mariah Carey video is 4 minutes of cheap lingerie in a parked car. Brit's niece Maddie out of the hospital. Need News: iPhone 8 wireless charging. Wonder Woman tease. Values drawn from comic books. Avengers Infinity War Who Do We Hate, Who Do We Love? Hate: RichyRich - No work ethic Westopher - Amazon Love: RichyRich - Golden Girls racist episode Westopher - Valentines In Closing: Give us a ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ review!!!

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