Episode 59! We want to know: Have you ever used a homemade sex toy? Up Front: RIP news legend Bonnie Tiegel. 4 Emmy Awards. RIP Mary Tyler Moore. Travel ban. Celebrity Shade: Britney Ever After. Paris Jackson Rolling Stone interview. Razzies: BvS, Zoolander2. Need News: Star Wars VIII official title: The Last Jedi. Jason Momoa hid being Aquaman for 5 years. Logan will be rated R - final movie Hugh Jackman will play the role that made him famous. Hate Wes - People that don't get it. RichyRich - World Ventures. Love Wes - Bonnie T RichyRich - World Ventures.

Episode 58! We want to know: Ever Get Busy In A Hot Tub? Up Front: Anne Frank. Women's March largest protest is US history. Brazilian vampire bats are feeding off humans. Celebrity Shade: Will and Grace IS coming back. Sorta. Ginger Spice had a baby. Jamiroquai is back! Everything in the Pixar movies are all connected! A Dog's Purpose tortured their dogs on set in unsafe stunts. Nerd News: Deadpool is a Darkhorse in award season. Could WW make 2017?? Full Power Ranger trailer came out. Also ... Pete Marston dies (son of Wonder Woman creators). He built the Wonder Woman museum. Hate: Wes - Remakes on Netflix; The Little Prince, A Series of Unfortunate Events RichyRich - Social media referees Love: Wes - The Real O'Neals (dance opening), Bonus: Big Movement RichyRich - YurBuds Shouts: Ian Carlos @ianxcarlos) Chris Riley (Instagram: Cap Lucky) Donnie Rust

Episode 57! We want to know: Ever Done a Male-Female Threesome?

Up Front Dylan Roof's victims offer him forgiveness.

Gay tattoo codes. Bands right, bottom, bands on left, top. Fisting may be red band.

Taco Bell making fried chicken taco shell.

Celeb Shade

Joe Jonas in his undies.

Bill Nye new show on Netflix about science versus politics.

Joseph Fiennes as Michael Jackson.

Living Single reboot.

Posh Spice says boob job was sign of her insecurity.

Golden Girls comes to Hulu.

Casting call for Finding Prince Charming season two.

Cody Christen x-rated videos.

Nerd News Woody Harrelson joins (young) Han Solo film.

Hate: RichyRich - Wal Mart.

Wes - Drivers who honk at everything.

Love: Wes - The Goldbergs. A love letter to his family with home video at the end of each episode, all set in the awesome 80s!

RichyRich - Target.

Episode 56! We want to know: Get Lucky on NYE?

George Michael dies.

Fuck you 2016 Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds die one day apart.

Guy who slipped on J lube and fist punctured a guys ass into his stomach.

Celeb Shade:

Don Lemon is lit on NYE.

Mariah Carey meltdown New Years Rockin' Eve.

Kim Burrell kicked off Ellen

A&E: Generation KKK new reality show! Now called "Escaping the KKK: Exposing Hate in America"

Lena Dunham wishes she'd had an abortion.

Britney's hot new boyfriend.

Janet Jackson has a boy! Eissa.

Need News: Lynda Carter defends Wonder Woman, breaking down sexism: "Its sexist to look at her and only see a sex object."

Guardians of the Galaxy director has pitched Moon Night to Marvel but "doesn't have the time" to do it 😭

Hate: Westopher - Geroge Michael detractors RichyRich - Power Rangers toys

Love: Westopher - George Michael RichyRich - Mariah Carey

Shouts: Jenna and Kara at Sweat Garage

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