Episode 55! This week, we want to know, Have You Ever Called Out The Wrong Name During Sex? Plus:

Alan Thicke dies at 69.

Zsa Zsa Gabor dies at 99.

Celeb Shade: Reba to star in Marc Cherry (Desperate Housewives) set in south.

Camilla left Fifth Harmony.

CeeLo Green video - real or fake? Shows exploding phone knock him out.

Vicks Fox is a thirsty bitch. New show feat. male strippers. Black Magic!

Mariah Carey put them titties away! Carpool Karaoke "All I Want For Christmas"

Emmy Rossum asks for top pay on Shameless to make up for equal back pay. William H. Macy says : “It’s about f–king time, don’t you think? She works as hard as I do, she deserves everything,” AND SHE GOT IT.

Scream Queens cancelled.

Scream turns 20 (Dec. 1996)

Totally Tech Uber self driving cars.

Best Subversive Holiday Movie? Wes - The Ref RichyRich - Krampus Others: Bad Santa, A Christmas Story, Elf, Edward Scissorhands, Grumpy Cat's Worst Christmas Ever

Hate: Wes - Borig ass movies that think they're award worthy. Cafe de Crap RichyRich -

Love: Dakota tribe: Now isn't the time to forget, but forgive. RichyRich - Old people.

We.org Rafiki Bracelets made in Kenya, and supporting Kenya with healthy food. Buy, give, donate!

Thirty Days To A New You on Amazon - New Years self improvement guide.

Twitter @richyrich909 @westopher

Episode 54! This week we want to know: Have You Ever Snowballed?


John Glenn dies.

Kirk Douglas turns 100!!!

Celeb Shade: Madonna car karaoke

Nikki Minaj harasses mentally ill woman.

Jernnifer Lawrence is a disrespectful bitch. Rubbed her ass on a sacred Hawaiian site. Imagine someone rubbing their genitals on the Liberty Bell.

Janet Jackson still pregnant 3 weeks overdue.

I Was Saved By The Bell, book by Saved By The Bell creator (who hated the name of the show and told composers NOT to use a bell or name of show in the theme)

Hairspray Live! New form of musicals. Harvey actually ghost wrote original.

Nerd News Wonder Woman pregnant.

Spider Man Homecoming trailer. Out July 7 (ninth after Wonder Woman, June 2).

Transformers trailer.

Logan will be Hugh Jackman's final Wolverine movie.

Rouge One opening weekend, fans APPROVE.

Mac book that promised 10hr battery life only has 3.

Holiday theme topic of the week: Creepiest Christmas Songs?

Reviews! Rich and Wes very fun show! 1 bottle of wine not enough, 2 bottles of wine, podcast dynamic duo. -Anthony Hayes from the Podcast Discovery Center

The F.M.K Show wrote: This one is on point. Great Episode (50)

Hate: Wes - "Greenery" RichyRich - people acting a fool in front of your kids.

Love: Wes - Target and Toys R Us hosting autism friendly shopping. RichyRich - People of Arizona!

Episode 53! We want to know: Ever Had Sex At An Office Christmas Party? Plus, Alice Drummond dies at 88. Liberian from Ghostbusters, Clara in To Wong Foo... Rule 41 FBI hacking. Obama says reroute that mother fuckin pipeline ..!!

Celeb Shade: Leah Remini Scientology.

Whoopi Goldberg world AIDS Day achievement award.

24 hour Taylor Swift channel.

Mariah's World premiere.

Beaches remake trailer.

Joe Jonas likes dick pics.

One Direction Girls Aloud baby! Liam and Cheryl Cole. Met when he was 14 and she was 24.

Favorite Christmas Movie? Wes-Gremlins RichyRich-Batman Returns

Hate: Wes - people who don't pull over to the curb to let someone out of the car.


Love: Wes - baby survives being ejected from car crash. RichyRich-Marriott hotel Glendale AZ.

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