Episode 52! We want to know: Are You An Exhibitionist? Plus:

Florence Henderson dies.

Fidel Castro dies.

Thanksgiving day parade: Mr. Peanut does the dab. Miss Piggy saves Tony Bennett.

Celeb shade: The Rock battled depression. Kanye West breakdown. Janet Jackson reaches out to fans. They lose their shit! Interesting note she quotes the Quran, "Al-ḥamdu lillāh" meaning praise be to God. 3 Dave Chappelle shows coming to Netflix. Justin Bieber punches man before concert. Emerald City trailer. Catherine Zeta Jones claps back. Katy Perry supporting American Indians.

Nerd News: Angela Bassett joins Black Panther cast. Playing Chadwick Bossman's mom.

Alien bumped up to May release date.

Rouge One ditches Star Wars crawl.

Who do we love who do we hate?

Hate: Wes-Black Friday idiots RichyRich-People who bitch about work. Wes-THOSE WHO CAN'T JUST LET PEOPLE BE HAPPY

Love: Wes-Thanksgiving. RichyRich-Career opportunities.

Shouts: cliffysworld, claybeez

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Twitter: @RichyRich909 @Westopher


Episode 51! This week we want to know: Have you ever tried fisting? Plus Gwen Ifill RIP. Brendon Dassey released. Beans, greens, tomatoes, potatoes, chicken, turkey, YOU NAME IT! Thanksgiving meme. Mannequin challenge.

Celeb Shade: Shia LaBeleouf says he regrets criticizing Stephen Spielberg. Shelley Duvall on Dr. Phil. Lauren 5th Harmony bi-sexual. Jackie Chan Oscar award. Fight like a Brenda. Slumber Party. Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford. Ricky Martin and bf engaged. Jonathan Knight and his bf engaged! Duck Dynasty canceled. Mariah Carey "special event" docuseries reality show. Tyson Beckford guns.

Hate: RichyRich-Little People Haters. Wes-White People. RichyRich-People who try to hold you back.

Love: RichyRich-Positive people. Wes-Levonia Jenkins Facebook live concert to heal America. RichyRich-Friends.

Geek Fetish? Episode 50! All-Out Geek-Out Extravaganza!!! Plus SPOILERS Dr. Strange Review

This week we want to know: What's Your Geek Fetish? Wizard wand worshiper Superhero slut Fang Banger Video game groupie

Current geek outs: West World. Wonder Woman. Glitch. Power Rangers.

Old school geek outs: Spiderman and His Amazing Friends. X men. Batman the Animated Series. Super Friends. Original Wonder Woman and Hulk series.

Guilty pleasures: Westopher: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

RichyRich: Sailor Moon.

Dr. Strange Review! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Who Do We Hate, Who Do We Love (This Week)?

Hate: America Love: America

Hate: Get Over It Love: Elderly people

Episode 49! We ask: Creepiest Place You've Had Sex? Plus Nick meets Hillary Clinton. Offensive Halloween costumes. Hillary Duff and Jason Walsh. Lots of Indians this year. Cubs win World Series! Celeb shade: CMAs. AHS Murder House Coven crossover. Jamie and Katie breakup. LiLo's weird accent. Ben Cohen leaked sex video. Wonder Woman trailer. Dr. Strange.

Hate: Haters Defensive People Proud Deplorables

Love: The Elderly Volunteers NFL Dildo

With guest Nick Walsh @nickwalsh

Shouts: Jeff Katz

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