Episode 43! We ask What's Your Body Count? Plus: Sheryl Underwood goes, OFF, JonBenet, Brangela breakup, Gaga flops, GiGi fights off weirdo, Blue power ranger gets drunk, GoFundMe rehab, Milo in Out, RuPaul update Phi Phi interview, Wells Fargo

Episode 42! Shouts: Alexandra Grey, hotguys.ofinsta - www.hotguysofinsta.blogspot.com | Topics: Alexis Arquette does at 47, Miley quits red carpet because sex slaves were giving her rashes. AHS, DWTS, Gaga Super Bowl, African "Halloween costume," 50 shades 2 trailer,  Hot teacher, Are gay bars cultural institutions? RuPaul wins Emmy

Episode 41! We ask: Are You in the Mile High Club? Plus Lady Chablis, 911, Dani Mathers, Gretchen Carlson, Odell v Dunham, Star Trek, Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, Prince Charming. With guest Amanda Lauren

Episode 40! We Ask: Ever Had Sex with Someone Your Parents Age? Gene Wilder, Colin Kaperneck, Lena Dunham, Chris Brown, Spice Girls, McChicken Porn

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