Episode 30: We Ask Ever Let Someone Watch? Plus Anton Yelchon, Demi Lovato, Selma Blair,Finding Dory, Power Rangers, Bryan Cranston, Lynda Carter, Supergirl

Episode 29! About your orgasm...: Do You Spurt Or Dribble? Plus, Nicki Minaj/Orlando Controversy, Peppers' Anthony Kiedis Saves Baby, and Kendal Jenner vs Stephanie Seymour!

Episode 28 We ask Do You Shave Your Pubes? Plus Brock Turner, Christina Grimmie, Absolutely Fabulous Patsy Transgender, Justin Bieber Beat Down, Kanye mob destroys cars, Noah Galvin rips Colton Haynes, Richard Simmons update, Azalea Banks not using "f word", Miss USA, The Cursed Child

Episode 27: We want to know - Ever Been Injured During Sex? This Episode: RIP Ali, Lambda Awards, Gorilla Harambe, Celeb Breakups and more!

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