Episode 26: We ask: Ever Had A Threesome? Plus BBMAs - Kesha! Britney! Pink!Madonna!, Gillian Anderson Jame Bond 007, Amy Adams, Kelly Osbourne, and Who Do We Hate, Who Do We Love?

Episode 25: All Spoilers Review! Captain America: Civil War. Please don't listen unless you do t care about spoilers or have seen the movie!!! We talk all things Marvel geek fest in this commentary and announce our next film we plan to review

Episode 24: Have You Ever Had An Uber Hookup? Plus Cher turns 70, Kanye on Ellen Blake Lively Booty Controversy, Chewbacca Lady, Missing EgyptAir Flight, Clinton X Files, Sundayfundayz

Episode 23! Finger In The Booty? Plus Megan Trainer, Ghostbusters Drama, Skai Jackson vs Banks, Justin Bieber, Kendra v Holly, Instagram update, Trevon Martin, and more!

Our worst episode yet! And by worst, we mean bitchy and shady shit! We want to know: Ever Ghosted A Hookup? Plus Facebook ...For the Dead! Janet Jackson Pregnant! Colton Haynes Gay! Captain America Review, Power Rangers Costumes First Look and the Jehovah Witness Cartoon

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This week we want to know: are you into sex toys? Plus we talk trending topics from Beyoncé to Usher naked, Game of Thrones, Absolutely Fabulous, Kesha, and the "bros" hookup app. Be sure to subscribe and leave a review!

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