We talk about Brussels, Garry Shandling, iPhone news, Superman vs. Batman. Kat Williams and more! Be sure to LIKE our Facebook page and follow us on twitter @RichyRich909 and @Westopher

Social media is full of rumors and stories... what's out there about today's trending topics? Here are some of the wildest rumors of the week, we try to cut through the BS and give our take on this week's headlines, plus our infamous sex question of the week: how did you get so damn sexy?Sit down, relax, have a glass of wine with us and gossip about the trending topics feeding into our social networks. 

Breaking out the moonshine! Joined by special guests Chris Wilson-Smith and Marcus Wilson-Smith. Be sure to LIKE our facebook page!

RichyRich goes solo with a mini-podcast about America's secret favorite past time. Be sure to LIKE our facebook page and tell us your thoughts! Tweet us at @RichyRich909 and @Westopher 

This episode we discuss our porn crushes, plus the week's trending topics including the Oscars, Apple vs. FBI, the eating disorder pill, celebrity cat fights, and our new segment; Who Do We Love, Who Do We Hate (this week)? Hosted by RichyRich (@RichyRichy909) and Westopher (@Westopher) 

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