RichyRich and Westopher, along with special guest Jeremiah Stroup, share oral sex tips, plus dive into this week's trending topics, #FreeKesha #GURL and more! Be sure to subscribe on iTunes and LIKE our Facebook page. 


This episode is dedicated to our favorite sexual positions! Plus we talk about what's trending now, Beyonce, Kanye, Sports Illustrated, and Kendrick Lamar. Be sure to subscribe, like, share! Tell us your thoughts! Tweet us at @RichyRich909 and @Westopher

In this post-Valentines day episode, we keep it sexy with a very intimate look at the Game and his print pics on Instagram! WOAH. Plus we talk about social media censorship and how far we would go with our followers. 

Pre-Valentine podcast asking the burning question: are you the dominant, submissive, or in-between? Plus, Beyonce's Super Bowl controversy, Black Panthers history, anti-sodomy laws in MI, Dog Cubing and RIP to Supreme Court Justice Scalia. 

Another "lost" episode before we starting syndicating the show, one of our most bizarre and sexual episodes yet! Plus two guest stars on the couch, talking about their favorite types of underwear, the gay fantasy Star Wars topic that trending, plus sex tweets +RIP to David Bowie and Alan Rickman. 

Before we figured out how to submit our podcast to iTunes (yeah, we're smart!) we did a couple other podcasts that never made it into the feed. This is one of those episodes. In it, we discuss the Netflix original series Making A Murderer, the BILLION dollar California lottery, and guns in the USA. 

This week nothing major really happened! Except these things!

Part two of this week's broadcast, trending topics Chelsea Does Racism, SAG Awards, Beyonce's new video filmed in India. 

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