November 27, 2016

Tales of Exhibitionism! Plus Florence Henderson RIP, Kanye West, Dave Chappelle, Janet Jackson, Gilmore Girls, Black Panther, Alien

Episode 52! We want to know: Are You An Exhibitionist? Plus:

Florence Henderson dies.

Fidel Castro dies.

Thanksgiving day parade: Mr. Peanut does the dab. Miss Piggy saves Tony Bennett.

Celeb shade: The Rock battled depression. Kanye West breakdown. Janet Jackson reaches out to fans. They lose their shit! Interesting note she quotes the Quran, "Al-ḥamdu lillāh" meaning praise be to God. 3 Dave Chappelle shows coming to Netflix. Justin Bieber punches man before concert. Emerald City trailer. Catherine Zeta Jones claps back. Katy Perry supporting American Indians.

Nerd News: Angela Bassett joins Black Panther cast. Playing Chadwick Bossman's mom.

Alien bumped up to May release date.

Rouge One ditches Star Wars crawl.

Who do we love who do we hate?

Hate: Wes-Black Friday idiots RichyRich-People who bitch about work. Wes-THOSE WHO CAN'T JUST LET PEOPLE BE HAPPY

Love: Wes-Thanksgiving. RichyRich-Career opportunities.

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