June 19, 2017

Sex With Ur Bff? Adam West, Pride, Arianna Grande, Alyssa Milano, Jay-Z, Beyonce, Black Panther, Spider-Man, Wonder Woman

Episode 77! We want to know: Ever had sex with your bestie? UP FRONT: RIP Adam West. A&F bastardized pride. Adding black and brown stripes to rainbow flag. Oregon becomes first state to include non-bianary gender option "x." CELEBRITY SHADE: Glen Campbell final album, Audios. Alyssa Milano sues manager. Arianna Grande lifetime pass. Jay-Z bails out dads on Fathers Day. *shout out to dads!* JLaw emergency landing. Beyonce's dad say she don't talk good. Bachelor in Paradise rape scandal. NERD NEWS: Black Panther trailer. Spider-Man: Homecoming. New Super Mario throws hat, possess other beings. The .GIF turns 30. Joss Whedon Wonder Woman script put on blast. Hate/Love? RR: Beyoncé/Little Mix. W: PnP/CVS.


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