June 10, 2017

Pride Sex Stories! Taylor Swift v Katy Perry, Ariana Grande, Tom Cruise, Amanda Bynes, Kesha, Wonder Woman

Episode 76! Pride Sex Stories! Shout Outs: Instagram Gilda @StoriesOfIran Twitter Morgan @lessismorgan UP FRONT: Ariana Grande returns. Gay Pride! CELEBRITY SHADE: The BaBaDook is a gay icon now. Dani Mathers update. Mummy called Worst Tom Cruise Movie Ever. Taylor Swift shades Katy Perry. The REAL reason for their feud. Jerry Seinfeld shades Kesha. Amanda Bynes planning a comeback. NERD NEWS: Wonder Woman breaks records. People are losses she didn't spin to become WW. Hate/Love? W: Facebook/LGBT Center. RR: Colleen Campbell/Daytime Divas.


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