January 6, 2017

Get Lucky on NYE? Plus Mariah Carey, Don Lemon, Kim Burrell, Britney, Janet Jacket, Wonder Woman

Episode 56! We want to know: Get Lucky on NYE?

George Michael dies.

Fuck you 2016 Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds die one day apart.

Guy who slipped on J lube and fist punctured a guys ass into his stomach.

Celeb Shade:

Don Lemon is lit on NYE.

Mariah Carey meltdown New Years Rockin' Eve.

Kim Burrell kicked off Ellen

A&E: Generation KKK new reality show! Now called "Escaping the KKK: Exposing Hate in America"

Lena Dunham wishes she'd had an abortion.

Britney's hot new boyfriend.

Janet Jackson has a boy! Eissa.

Need News: Lynda Carter defends Wonder Woman, breaking down sexism: "Its sexist to look at her and only see a sex object."

Guardians of the Galaxy director has pitched Moon Night to Marvel but "doesn't have the time" to do it 😭

Hate: Westopher - Geroge Michael detractors RichyRich - Power Rangers toys

Love: Westopher - George Michael RichyRich - Mariah Carey

Shouts: Jenna and Kara at Sweat Garage


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