May 1, 2017

Ever Sent Nudes By Accident? Ja Rule’s Fyre Fest, LA Pride, Katy Perry, Dr. Luke, Fantastic Beasts, Wonder Woman

Episode 70! This week's Sex Question: Have you ever sent a nude to the wrong person? UP FRONT: Pride will be a resist march. Not a tacky parade. Science has created an artificial womb. CELEBRITY SHADE: Fire Island brings all the stereotypes. Busy Phillips Instarich. Katy Perry can fuck right off. Ja Rule's Fyre Fest disintegrates into flaming pile of shit. Caitlyn Jenner book tour. Bill Cosby's daughter says he's totally not a rapist. Dr. Luke dropped by Sony. Couldn't have happened to a bigger creep. Have fun with Bill O'Reilly. NERD NEWS: Fantastic Beasts 2. Who do we hate who do we love? RR: Fire Island, Room Escape Wes: Hate nothing! Love RichyRich! Sex Question? Ever accidentally sent a nude? RR: Yes. Wes: No. Subscribe! Rate! Review! Room Escape LA: friendly escape 20% off.


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